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  • 16 Oct 2017 9:47 AM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    From David Banks-- ODFW Malheur Watershed District

    I hope this email finds all of you doing well and enjoying fall fishing. It has been a while since we last reached out to you and let you know what we have done and still need to do this year.

    Summer Sampling

    We bumped into some of you on the Owyhee in August when we were conducting our electrofishing surveys. The high points of that identified what many of you have been telling us; there are high densities of brown trout from the dam to the powerlines below church camp with good densities from the powerlines to the tunnel and then they drop to low densities down to Snively Hot Spring. Sizes, from my recollection, were 15-18” on average. There were no direct mortalities from sampling. We haven’t had time to delve into the date, but will when we meet again (see below).

    Fall Sampling

    Ben and I will be out sampling for bugs next week and downloading the temperature loggers. Bug sampling will occur at the temperature logger locations. We also have our spawning surveys approaching. Mark your calendars for Saturday November 4th and December 2nd. We need at least seven people to effectively do the spawning surveys and more is better. We will plan on meeting at Jim’s house again (if that works for Jim) at 9 AM MST both days. It would be great if people started to let us know if they plan to help. An email or phone call would be great with your name and the number of people coming with you.

    Next meeting

    I propose the next meeting occur sometime in January. This will give us the time we need to process the data (e.g. bugs) and run the statistics and estimates. Mid-January to mid-February should give us enough time get information together and is usually a slower time us.

    Other news

    We are working on purchasing signs to post along the Owyhee reminding anglers that spawning is occurring and it’s a good idea to keep from walking in the riffles. These will likely be small yellow signs this year, with plans to transition to more permanent signs over time.

    Please call or email us with comments, questions or suggestions and we look forward to seeing you in November and December.

    P.S. Please forward this on, announce it in your club meetings or post it at your place of business for others to see. Thanks.

    Dave Banks and Ben Ramirez

    Malheur Watershed District

    541-573-6582 (O)

    541-589-1905 (C)

  • 22 Jul 2017 9:16 AM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Don Schwabe, who won the drawing for the Dream Cast Idaho Spey casting class certificate, at the recent BVFF July picnic. 

  • 26 Jun 2017 1:15 PM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    Timeline video showing historic spawning regions of salmon on the Columbia River basin, and impact due to dams and restoration/mitigation activities.

  • 15 May 2017 8:59 PM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    Fly Fishers International will be holding the annual International Fly Fishing Fair August 1-5, 2017 in Livingston,  MT.  The event includes classes, clinics, and demonstrations.

    See the Registration Guide for information on specific events and classes.

  • 04 May 2017 1:46 PM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    BVFF charter member Gene Miller passed away April 11, 2017 at a local care home.  He was 99.  Gene was a regular attendee at club meetings and outings, well into his 90's.  He was frequently first on the water at outings, and a faithful attendee at BVFF functions, such as the annual banquet/auction and summer picnic.  Gene was a strong supporter of BVFF and the Wooly Buggers youth organization during his time with the club, and has bequeathed several items to both organizations for their benefit.

    See obituary at the Idaho Statesman, published April 30, 2017. 

  • 12 Apr 2017 7:49 PM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    IFFF announced that it is changing its name to Fly Fishers International.  Information regarding the name change and its refocused mission can be found here.

    BVFF was founded in 1971 under the organizational structure of the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF), the former name of IFFF.  BVFF has remained an Affiliate member of the organization since its inception. 

  • 15 Mar 2017 3:25 AM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    Idaho Fish & Game Joe Kozfkay's interview on Boise Radio

  • 28 Feb 2017 8:26 AM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    Read Me Treasure Valley has selected the novel The River Why by David James Duncan for this year's book.   The River Why, published in 1983, tells the tale of a young fly fisherman who retreats to a secluded cabin on a riverbank. Isolation unsettles the angler, opening up a wider journey of self-discovery and spirituality.  The book was selected because of a resonance with Boise Valley residents with rivers, and the outdoor space.

    In association with this book selection, a large number of events are occurring, including a visit to Boise by the author.  For a complete list and description see the schedule at Read Me Treasure Valley.

    A few of the scheduled events:

    • The Tiny Things That Run a River — 7:15 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28, Ada Community Library Victory Branch, 10664 W. Victory Rd., Boise. David Hopper, a wildlife biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Boise, will talk about the aquatic invertebrates that inspire fly-tying design and how they help shape the river in which they live.

    • Fly Tying  March 1

    • Wild Idaho-- Fishing Spots  March 1
      Presented by Tom Claycomb

    • The Wilderness: Why? — 7 p.m. Thursday, March 2, Idaho Outdoor Association, 3401 Brazil St, Boise. Author and Idaho Statesman reporter Rocky Barker examines the place of wildness and spirituality in literature, in the human experience and in his own life.

    • Mastering the Art of Fly Fishing:  A Life-Time Learning Experience  March 4
      Presented by BVFF member Gary Green

    • Fly Fishing, Friendship & Fun  March 9
      Presented by WFFI and BVFF members Judy Tallada and Patti Bantam.

    • Trout Grass (The Film)  April 4

    • Fishing for the Good Life: Conservation, Meaning, and Relations in ‘The River Why’ — 7 p.m. Thursday, April 13, Library! @ Cole and Ustick, 7557 W. Ustick Road, Boise. Gregory McElwain, assistant professor of philosophy and religious studies at the College of Idaho, explores the novel’s philosophical themes, including on conservation, social relations, spirituality and the search for meaning.

      An Evening with David James Duncan — 7 p.m. Thursday, May 4, Pioneer Room at JUMP, 1000 W. Myrtle St., Boise. "The River Why" author, fly fisher and practitioner of what he calls “direct, small-scale compassion-activism,” will talk about river adventures, writings, fish stories, friendships, conservation victories, great films and "one lousy Hollywood movie” inspired in whole or in part by his novel.

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