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IDF&G Regulations Proposal Update

06 Jun 2024 9:05 AM | Troy Pearse (Administrator)


  1. BVFF's proposed changes to manage as wild trout fishery are under consideration.
  2. Regulation changes to reduce bag limit and/or close for spawning delayed until next regs input cycle (3 years).
  3. IDF&G plans to study the area. BVFF wants to help!

In April, BVFF submitted a proposal to Idaho Fish and Game (IDF&G) to change their Fisheries Management Plan for the Boise River to manage the section of the Boise River by the Diane Moore Nature Center for wild trout. We also proposed they change the Fishing Regulations to limit the catch impact by reducing the bag limits and or closing that section of river during the rainbow trout spawning season. For a full description of the proposal please see this previous conservation blog article .

Last week IDF&G asked to meet with us to discuss our proposed changes. IDF&G said that BVFF did a good job on their proposal, however they were not able to move the regulations portion of the proposal forward for consideration by the commissioners because changes to regulations in this cycle must align with the current/approved fisheries management plan. IDF&G apologized for the confusion—having both the regulations and the plan up for review at the same time doesn’t usually happen. IDF&G did think the proposal to manage the upper section for wild trout was reasonable and it is being considered for review by the commissioners. Changes to the fisheries management plan will come out in July.

IDF&G admitted that they don’t know much about the trout population on this section of river, as the Barber Pool is difficult to electro-fish. But they committed to studying the area more to better understand the fish population and then then talk about possible regulation changes in 3 years when the next regulation change cycle occurs. IDF&G was very complimentary on our work to improve woody cover for juvenile trout in our side channel and at the Diane Moore Nature Center and emphasized that trout habitat improvements like this are an important part of improving the trout population.

While we were surprised by not being able to change the regulations along with the fisheries management plan, we understand the limitation and are pleased that IDF&G is considering the proposal to manage the area for wild trout and that they are going to study the trout population in this section of river. BVFF is committed to helping IDF&G and we plan to do more snorkel fry surveys in the restored side channel. BVFF is also committed to continuing to invest resources in trout habitat improvements at the Diane Moore Nature Center and the Barber Pool. Stay tuned for more details on future projects in this unique and special area.

We encourage members to give IDF&G feedback on their proposed changes to the fishing regulations on their website .

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