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Owyhee River Cleanup March 2021

Project Location

Below Owyhee Dam,  Lower Owyhee River


Owyhee River is a popular angler destination, and blue ribbon stream for brown trout, with close proximity to Idaho and the Boise metropolitan area.  Many if not most anglers who visit are Idaho residents.

With popular use by both fly anglers and other sportsmen, unfortunately the recreation area becomes laden with trash.  BVFF member Gary Green championed a cleanup activity that resulted with 28 volunteers participating.  Volunteers were assembled from several area organizations to make this a very successful campaign.  As you can see a great deal of trash was collected and hauled away.

The Indian Head Fly Fishers have traditionally organized a spring cleanup effort on the river.  Volunteers from IHFF joined the BVFF effort this year, and have deferred their annual cleanup to a second event in the fall. 

Volunteer beverages and sandwiches provided by BVFF.


See a video clip of the event HERE

Staffing & Partners:

 BVFF Project Lead:  Gary Green  Boise Valley Fly Fishers

 28 Volunteers

(See volunteer credits at the end of  the VIDEO)

 Boise Valley Fly Fishers

 Indian Head Fly fishers

 Owyhee Irrigation District and family members

 TRR Outfitters

 Bureau of Land Management:

 Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

 Fly Fishers International


Project work was completed 3/6/2021

 Thank you volunteers!

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