Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo
17th Annual

 Boise Valley Fly Fishers Present

2018 Expo Logo Fly: Matlacha Rainbow Streamer

Creator:  Don Ordes

This year's logo fly is the creation of Don Ordes.  It is a beautiful fly in the classic Maine streamer style that catches the eye of art patrons, anglers...  and fish.

Don is a semi-retired natural gas facility consultant, and has tied flies and fly-fished since self-taught as a boy in New Orleans, La.  From rudimentary flies and cane-pole rods, Don has progressed over the years from fly-fishing for bluegills to trout to dorado to sailfish and marlin on a 14 wt with his own designer flies.  His favorite flies are all of them, but especially flies that have an artistic aspect.  Simple flies catch fish, but fancy flies are fun to tie and they also catch fish.  Don has tied at sports and fly shows since the early 80s, and has been a regular tyer at many shows for decades. 

For experienced tyers, see the instructions for tying this fly.


 Wing:  (10 Total feathers)
  2 Fluorescent green, barred
  2 Fluorescent orange, barred
  2 Fluorescent pink
  2 Shorter purple, barred
  2 Shorter fluorescent blue
 Cheeks: ( 8 Total feathers)
  4 Peacock neck fans, 2 each side
  2 Green peacock body fans
  2 Jungle cock body spears
   Silver braid, colored with yellow, pink, and blue hi-liters
 Belly Fibers:  
  Buck tail-- stacked yellow, orange, pink, and dark pink

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