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Boise Valley Fly Fishers (BVFF) would like to invite you to join our fly fishing club! As an affiliate member of the Fly Fishers International, the Boise Valley Fly Fishers provide the following to our members:

  • Conservation - projects that benefit the lakes and rivers near Boise
  • Education - The Boise Valley Fishers put on the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo each year. In addition, they also put on several fly tying, and fly fishing workshops each year
  • Outings - The Boise Valley Fly Fishers put on monthly fly fishing outings to local and not so local rivers and lakes.
  • Monthly Meetings - Club Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, and feature a local fly tyer and a local fly fishing and/or conservation expert to talk to the group. (July and August excepted)

In addition to all of this, the Boise Valley Fly Fishers also organize the annual Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo, and we are always looking for volunteers.

Becoming a member is easy, just click the link on the left hand side of this page that says "Join Us".

BVFF members can view and sign up for club sanctioned events. Upcoming events are also highlighted on the right side of this page.


Boise Valley Fly Fishers now has its own YouTube video channel--  check it out by clicking the YouTube link at the right.

Upcoming events

14 Jul 2022 5:00 PM • Kristin Armstrong Park, Boise
21 Jul 2022 • TBD
08 Sep 2022 6:00 PM • Zoom / Boise Elks Lodge 6608 W Fairview Ave.
15 Sep 2022 • Swan Valley, ID
13 Oct 2022 6:00 PM • Zoom / Boise Elks Lodge 6608 W Fairview Ave.
14 Oct 2022 6:00 AM •
14 Oct 2022 6:00 AM • Mountain View Reservoir, Idaho

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Thank you to all who attended and supported BVFF with



This is a 100% volunteer staffed event.

Proceeds go to support BVFF sponsored conservation projects,

 and community service.  See our projects HERE

Sponsored by Idaho Angler, TRR Outfitters, Peterson Toyota


Current Conservation Projects


BVFF will be conducting several service projects to assist in mapping trout redds in coming weeks:

Boise River Redd Mapping

A float of sections of the Boise River in town to locate and map the locations of brown trout redds.  This information has been provided to Boise River Flood District #10 to allow avoiding these areas while conducting their maintenance work.  See the information on the project HERE.

Owyhee River Redd Count

Oregon Dept Fish & Wildlife will be conducting their annual redd count on the Owhyee River.  BVFF members are invited to help in this effort.  See event calendar to register for this project.

Trout Habitat Sign Placement

In conclusion of the Boise River gravel augmentation project a trout life cycle sign has been placed near the augmentation site.  See event calendar for this project.

BVFF members Kent Christensen and Klauss Kissman stand next to the habitat education sign recently installed near the gravel augmentation project on the Boise River.



BVFF Fill The Net Program

Owyhee River Cleanup 2022

BVFF members joined the Indianhead Fly Fishers on March 26 to assist with the annal cleanup along the Lower Owyhee River, OR.  Volunteers from several organizations collaborated to gather a considerable load of trash from the river. 

Thank you to all participating volunteers for this great effort!


Boise River Gravel Augmentation

11/11/20  BVFF has launched the Lower Boise River New Dry Creek South Channel Gravel Augmentation Project This project will help enhance spawning locations for trout in the Boise River, thereby enhancing our angling success for wild trout right in Boise City / Ada County!

12/16/20  Fly Fishers International (FFI) has awarded BVFF $500 grant in support of this project.

12/29/20  BVFF has received both the US Army Corp of Engineers 404 permit and Idaho Stream Alteration permit necessary for advancing this project.  SunRoc Corp has volunteered to donate the necessary gravel.  At this writing, the time frame for depositing gravel in the area is projected to be mid January.

1/8/2021  Current work status for the Boise Flood District appears that the work for the New Dry Creek South Channel area may begin mid to late week of 1/18 to 1/22.

1/24/2021  Project was completed on 1/23.  Gravel additions look great, and we now await the arrival of spawning rainbow trout this spring, and brown trout next fall.  BVFF members will continue to monitor the locations for evidence of spawning trout.  A refresh of the gravel will likely be necessary in three to five years.

1/29/2021  Press Release on the project to local news media and social media.  A follow-up activity will be the creation and installation of a sign on the greenbelt area describing the trout life cycle and need for proper sized gravel.

A big thankyou to all volunteers, consultants, and donors who made this project possible.  In particular we would like to thank:

  • Boise Flood District #10
  • SunRoc Corporation
  • Fly Fishers International
  • Trout Unlimited-- Ted Trueblood Chapter
  • BioAnalysts
  • Idaho Fish & Game

Check out the web page or FAQ Summary, or Press Release to learn about this project.

In Memory

Recognizing the memory of some founding and early members, and contributors who have recently passed.

 Herb Meyr September 28, 2020
 Clayne Baker November 16, 2020
 Warner Terrell November 19, 2020
 Don Ordes December 22, 2020



Idaho Angler

Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo 2022

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Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo 2022

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Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo 2022

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Silver Horseshoe Inn

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Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife


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